Pent up to Protest

Pent up then protest. Great idea. “Caged” people in their homes. Separate them from all they know. Society. Work. And most importantly family and friends. Then let the fury unleash after months of isolation. Let the rage come out to burn down the cities you once loved to live in. Finally coming together and yet instead of sharing moments of connecting through love, it is an energy filled with disgust, frustration  hatred and darkness.  Although I appreciate people coming together to voice their complete frustrations, quite understandably, coming together already is a great risk for us all.  From the ever-prevalent risk of Covid 19 to now the risk out on the streets for those seeking justice.

The cities that will now take a beating for the fact that this country has gone back decades in just a few short years. When even what felt closer to equality is now a distant past. The fact that racism is yet another war we are waging in 2020 is rather hard to fathom. How can equality be so out of reach?   Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to explain the emotions that this unfortunate and unnecessary death of  George Floyd has now left with us  A stamp on humanity to show yet again the true lack of humanity that exists right here…Right now. And this comes at a time where trusting any government or public authority was already so much in question. 

And yet it appears as although the reason for riot was understood. As now it’s about looting and stealing. Similar to that of Rodney king almost 30 years ago.  Sadly it appears as though it’s groundhog day in LA and throughout the country, living the same experience.   People literally pouring out of storefronts with like cockroaches, scurrying out with stolen goods. To justify the Injustices of the world, at least in their eyes.  As if retail hasn’t been hit hard enough, on life support at best. Now for looters to become the lucky recipients of their so-called justified actions. Sadly now the message for George Floyd and Black Lives Matters, seems to have been lost. Lost sight of what the protesting was for? It seems as though Greed has won yet again.

If only the focus could be on what really matters. That ALL Lives Matter. No matter the race. No matter the color. How is it that we are still having to “fight to understand” this simple concept? My heart aches for this incredible lack of humanity happening now, more than ever. At a time, when the already stressful pandemic could have brought strength and love to our communities. Bringing us together, back out in the world, as we re-emerge into our life. Only to be faced by incredible force, destruction and darkness.

Although it seems simply impossible, especially after the last few days, may we dream of peace and humanity for us all. It takes a village…..


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