Tinder moments in Madrid.

Although this is technically my second visit to Madrid. As my first trip to Madrid was back in 2015 when I decided to live for awhile in Paris. Turns out a friend I had met on a previous adventure in Belize en route to Guatamela was also in Europe the first week of my arrival. He asked if I’d be interested in a road trip from Paris to Spain where he planned to be. I thought why not? Here I just picked up my life to move to a new country by myself. What else was I to be doing?!

Upon arriving in CDG, I was picked up and whisked away to my new apartment in the 9th to quickly meet my air bnb host, drop off my bags and re-pack a lighter duffle for our Eurotrip. Mind you, my trip started in San Diego, to New York and finally arriving a day later into Paris. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. However, just like that, we were off! We didn’t have any real plans, just hit the road headed south for Spain. First official stop was in Lyon, enjoyed the town and continued on, ending our first day’s adventure settling in Biarritz. Which we loved so much we stayed for two nights before hitting the road again. Days spent sipping espresso and rose by the sea. Sounds cliche. Doesn’t it. It was and it simply didn’t Matter. It was pure bliss. Only “real agenda” was that we had to make it to Madrid by Saturday night as my friend had a random “Tinder date” that evening. The entire adventure was just that- what a true road trip should be. From stopping off in Pamplona to see the quaint town where the running of the Bulls occurs each year, to one of my favorites, San Sebasti√°n. As he drove, I drank Spanish beers in the car and DJ’ed to the Best of my ability with French radio. When we finally arrived in Madrid I was ecstatic to explore a new European city. Though this Saturday night I was out to enjoy the liveliness of Madrid solo. As my road trip companion was out with his Tinder date. I found myself a bit bummed to be in this insanely lively city, feeling the need to be a bit more cautious since I was riding solo. Fear not, I still made the very most of my experience-having dinner in a crowded plaza. Sangria(S), live music and an exhilarating energy I was grateful to take in. The next day I was able to spend the day with my friend and his new friend from Tinder. Spending the day on Sunday with these two allowed me to feel I had the chance to authentically experience Madrid, though it left me wanting more…

Here I am 4 years later, returning to Madrid with a friend who has never been. His excitement and adoration for this city further inspired my appreciation for it and eagerness to dive back in. Making our way through the cozy streets and neighborhoods of the city. Stopping off in gardens and sampling some of the best tapas and Sangria this fine city has to offer. This was my time to truly surrender to the city and take it all in with a life long frend as well as my local friend. As life would have it, my “local friend” just so happens to be my friend’s “Tinder date” from my first trip to Madrid, just 4 years prior. Funny how online dating has turned into a life-long friendship with my non-date, from Tinder. I guess you could say meaningful relationships CAN come from Tinder after all.

The maze gardens
Beautiful architecture, surrounded by picturesque gardens
Enjoying the calm, in the city…
Me and my road trip buddy.
Me and my friend’s Tinder Date. Thankfully for me, she became a friend for life. Gracias, Tinder!

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