The beginning of a Baglady….

Fashion in a suitcase: a Baglady begins…
Whether it’s hitting the streets of San Diego with a fabulous handbag or globetrotting with suitcase in hand, I’m rarely without my signature piece- a bag!  Although I adore a stunning pair of shoes as well, though ever since I can recall I have been called the bag lady. Growing up I would always borrow my mom’s biggest purses I could find and fill it with Chapstick, tissues, my favorite stuffed animal- you know, the childhood essentials- along with her very own make up of course!  (That, let’s be honest, typically ended up all over me…and my attire!)

It was then that I realized my love for bags and all the goes with it. It’s a sense of freedom, knowing you have everything you need right within your grasp.  At parties I’m often asked if I would like to put down my bag, or store it in another room, though you see it’s a part of my fiber,  part of my being.  I tend to be a rather  simplistic dresser as I come from a very simple town of Lancaster Pennsylvania.  And yet I have always had a love for fashion and design. To me a handbag is wearable art. Men often joke that a woman’s handbag is sacred and not to be messed with, to which I must agree.  It is the one place where a woman holds her own freedom and with it, anything she truly treasures on a day-to-day basis. My love for bags only grew stronger when I started traveling as now this very bag contained all I needed to enjoy and be comforted in a new and often foreign place.
As I now find myself living in Paris, I have to control this love for bags as everywhere you turn you have incredible pieces to admire and desire.  When it comes to bag, I certainly don’t discriminate either, from everyday totes to designer bags- I happen to love them all!  Sandro recently gave me a perfect everyday-about-Paris bag that I often bring along with me to “tote” anything from my trips to the organic markets, to finding a new essential for my collection!  The only negative about my complete obsession for bags ironically is that I now have to buy yet another bag to bring back all my bags home with me.  Quel Dommage!  So off I go with a bag in tow, to find yet another new bag….

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