cropped-IMG_28861.jpgFashion in a suitcase was inspired from years of experience in the world of fashion, along with my insatiable love for travel.  These two passions are close to my heart and continue to inspire me along my path.

I am thankful to have fallen into some rather fascinating and wildly entertaining opportunities throughout my career.  From serving as the events & public relations Director for a Prime Minister, to working on some of the biggest events across the U.S. in music and entertainment, to creating key retail strategies with some of the top global brands in fashion…I feel truly fortunate to have had such incredible and invaluable experiences that have enriched my life, through my career.

Equally important along my journey, however, is my wanderlust spirit… that has me constantly seeking out the next random adventure, out into the world.  Although I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I have always had a big desire to go just about Everywhere!  Experiencing life through travel opens up our eyes and our minds to endless gifts and opportunities to explore new cultures and new locales, all while discovering the inner fiber of who we are.   

Everyone has a story to tell.  And I thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of me with a little bit of you…

-xo- Francine