I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe.
Three words that hurt my soul to the core.

First and foremost, at this very moment, my heart aches for George Floyd, his love ones and all that his death now means to all of us. Along with this comes the great ache in my heart for my brother who passed away just a year and a half ago from an asthma attack…not being able to breathe. And at a time where we are all just trying to get past this crazy pandemic that seemingly targets the lungs, making it difficult for those to do just that- breathe.

Haven’t we had enough of being attacked as humanity that we dive further back generations, deep to bring to the forefront of the past that we all thought we left behind?  What kind of man puts all of his weight onto someone’s neck… and continues to do so despite desperate pleas of:
I can’t breathe.

How is this lack of humanity that has been ever present still here upon us? Perhaps I live with rose tinted glasses on as I want to believe that Covid has brought humanity back in different ways then we had seen the last several years. Engaging with one another, unlike I’ve seen for many years. Helping one another through this pandemic. Then. Just then, a man puts his weight upon man’s neck, suffocating him, leaving him to beg for breathe- even if it was his last. How you can be so barbaric to control the breathe essential for life, for a man begging for his mom? Have you no heart at all? I know I can’t understand the full scope of what the inequality is that still exists, no matter how I may try or show my support. Though I sure as hell can’t understand how you can watch a man die before you, as you take his breathe away.

Although I understand that I can’t breathe is a statement to pay tribute to George Floyd, I hope we can change our saying to I CAN BREATHE…And I plan to make a difference. Keep breathing friends and inspiring one another through your voice, breathing in peace. New Hope. And finding Light at the end of this darkness.

RIP George Floyd.


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