Alone (Together)

One of the biggest fears we tend to face in life is that of being along. And right now in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, many are facing the fact that they are home alone. Even if they have loved ones in their home, many are still having to quarantine or simply live through this time- alone.

The reality is, in this world, we are always alone. (Now before you hyperventilate or tell me how you’re not alone in this life. Please give it a thought.) As I realize that seems a bit off-putting, negative and mean girls of me to say. How could this possibly be true, considering the fact that we are often (and typically) surrounded by others? Though, at the end of the day, your life is lived alone. Solely by You.

The feelings you feel, the experience you experience, is lived by you and you alone. (Picking up what I’m throwing down?). I’m by no means disregarding the endless love and support of friends, family and those closest to us. As their involvement in life and their love bestowed upon is essential to our souls.

However, with that being said-
The more we are able to feel, acknowledge and own this “feeling of alone” is when we set ourselves free from the negative connotation of “being alone.” It allows us to find strength in being by ourselves. During this time of isolation, can we embrace and enjoy the experience of being alone? Work on the friendship we have with ourselves? We can’t go outside, so go Inside. Dive in deep. And I promise the feeling of being alone will no longer be so daunting. Before you know it, you’ll be coming out of this Lockdown stronger than ever. Ready to live life confidently knowing you can face one of the most stressful, anxiety producing, fear-in-your-face daily experience. And guess what you, you did it alone. Soon there will be time to unveil this even better version of yourself, emerging out of the COVID dust. Work on the friendship you have with you.

And when you’ve had your fill of being alone, throw on Dnice’s Club Quarantine playlist for your own private dance party or meditate with some of the best across the globe, easily within reach, playing on an Instagram Screen near you. Hello You. We’ll get through this (alone) together.

Some musical inspiration to get comfortable being alone & hope for togetherness soon…
1.) Go it alone: Beck
2.) Be Alone: Ben Harper
3.) Golden- Jill Scott
4.) We’ll be Together- Sting


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