A dose of reality.

We have been brought to our knees with this pandemic. The irony of it is that those that are clinging so strongly to the past, wanting to get back to business and embrace the life they once knew, are Unwilling to accept the reality of what life is going to be after the so-called dust settles. For it is not going to be a pick up where we left off and continue life as usual or in their minds “business as usual.” Those days are gone. Mother nature is angry, combined now with Covid-19 showing us that there is no looking to the past, only living in the present. . 

A dose of reality. It’s as if the collective of the globe of what we have been focusing on for far too long.
If before all we wanted to do was work…. now that’s all we have, is work.  (For those fortunate enough to keep their jobs, that is)
All we wanted to do is be on our phones and devices…Guess what, that’s all we have now, when you can’t be around friends and loved ones, or simply to be near others. 
The robots we feared taking over life, in one aspect is exactly who we have become. Checked out working machines. Speaking and connecting only via a device. Now sadly we have realized we actually want to be humans. Now that we are self isolating. We seek connection. We seek the simple things. You know, the things that make life, Life? Not just communicating via Zoom.

In one aspect, it is a truly remarkable time to be alive. To witness this major shift in our lives, one that has been apparently quite necessary for the entire globe for some time. A reset if you will. Affecting everyone and everything. Life as we knew it has completely shifted. So it makes sense that the world is doomsday prepping. (To some degree, that is). However, going to grocery stores frantically looking for anything you might want to eat in the next week to three months? This in itself is an entirely new concept. Not to mention, there’s nothing left. It’s like the Grinch who stole Christmas came in and took up the entire grocery store. We all know some are buying excessive amounts to ensure survival. How many trees will be taken down to accommodate all the seemingly never ending need for Toilet Paper you ask? I get it… we want our creature comforts, but holy mother lode people!! It’s not as if this coronavirus is causing diarrhea. (At least we hope not.)

The reality is everyone is scrambling and scared to death of what this could mean for our lives today and in the weeks to come. It’s all a crapshoot (pun intended) to be honest with you. Looks like we are in for quite a ride. Buckle up my friends, live in the moment, hope for a better tomorrow, Connect with your loved ones often…and grab an extra roll of T.P. (apparently).
Godspeed one and all….


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