Here we sit in 2020 with great hope and anticipation for an amazing year ahead. Thankful to say Good riddance to 2019. And yet oddly enough, here we are on the eve of isolation and lockdown. We haven’t experienced anything like this before and it seems this new change is not only quickly approaching but is here. Right here. Right now. Never having to minimize our lifestyle, nor certainly not remaining with our 4 walls for an extended period of time. As we, as a society, simply never shut down. Business and work ethic is seemingly inherent in our veins. Our DNA. Like it or not, that has been the legacy of America.  So now what? What is one expected to do when the world has come to a screeching halt?! Stay at home you say?

How does life go on….now that we’re on lockdown? Americans have always been known to be big consumers and with that comes supply, demand and plenty of options. Options for days. For anything and everything. From products to dating- we have come to expect options in every aspect of our life. Shop in the grocery stores now with little to no options, certainly is a lesson within itself. And dare I discuss the issue of toilet paper? I digress….
This may not be a big deal in say, France, where if you’re in the market for a bar of soap, you may have a few options. That’s it, C’est Tous. It is what it is. And to be honest, do you really need 543 different types of soap? Now, let’s be clear, I’m by no means saying I’m not a girl who loves her options…I certainly do. However, it’s times like these that we realize the excessive ways in which we live.  The times like these when our shelves of supplies are cleared out and there simply are no options whatsoever. (Once again excessive- only in this case, hoarding for hoarding sake.) We need to find balance in all this recently disrupted and ever-adjusted way of life. And hopefully find also a replenished stock of toilet paper and hand sanitizer!

How can we learn and LIVE from our global neighbors who have already been on lockdown? Well, for starters, The Italians have ALWAYS known how to live. And this time is certainly no exception. In fact, it only further demonstrates how much they embrace the joy of living each and every moment. Singing on the streets together while locked in their homes to avoid the spread of the virus. Instead spreading notes and words of cheer in moments of despair. Inspiring themselves, one another, and in the process the entire globe. This time of coming together as humanity is long overdue. Although this moment brings with it heartbreaking tragedy and daily news to reflect this, I believe this is also offers us an incredible opportunity to grow stronger together in a more connected, conscious and loving way. Maybe share a roll of TP with a stranger? My hope and belief is that we will see great gestures of love and humanity rise to the occasion. A girl can dream. And I encourage everyone of you to do the same. It takes a world to heal the world. With wishes for good health and good cheer, friends. 


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