Wall Street to Wellness

From wall to well direct my discoveries in this world of health and wellness. When I started along this “official journey” of discovering where America was in terms of Wellness I quickly found that many of the new areas of Health and wellness were being driven by Wall Street. I found many making their shift not only in their personal lives but also in their career of moving into the area of wellness. Many I found are former Wall Street executives, hedge fund managers and the like who have made the transition to work within wellness. Honestly I happen to think they’re geniuses. For it is the wellness category that will continue to rise scale and be one of the most profitable industries now and in future. With so much of the consumer expenditure already being driven by millennials and at a significant rate (and expenditure), this is a trend I don’t see passing through anytime soon.   Many of these former Financial Minds not only saw this as a great potential for amazing business as the world shifts it’s focus on health, but also a way to work for something meaningful. Sadly, many of them found themselves here through either illness or simply tired of the stress and overload with what has become the norm in day-to-day work here in the US.

I myself share in their story as I was diagnosed with a Hashimoto’s thyroid immune disease right after one of my biggest projects opened a few years ago. And ironically just six months after being diagnosed I was promoted into this role of health and wellness. This has been a magical and an incredible journey for me to not only meet some of the most amazing soulful connected individuals that have great passion for driving wellness and working together. Additionally, each of them have offered me so much more on my road to wellness and all in my journey of figuring out how to love my thyroid and my overall health.  I feel so honored to experience and be the guinea pig for all the new and old, the up and coming, new to market, techniques technologies and the already tried and true. So I have experienced a very broad spectrum in this area of wellness and I am so excited for what the future holds. I’m most excited that we as a society are working on honoring our self and putting ourselves first so that the rest of the world gets the best of who we truly are.

It may have been a longer journey to get from Wall Street to Wellness, though I’m thankful that there has been an increased desire to Make America Healthy Again. Many offerings await, from modern technology and tools to help guide your wellness journey, to traditional tried and true ways with Eastern Medicine and non-traditional routes. Either way, I hope your journey to wellness leads you along the right path to bring health and happiness to you and yours. 


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