For as long as I can recall I’ve had what was before a bit of a quiet obsession with France.  Growing up with a Grandfather who traveled the world a zillion times.  Even going to Epcot at DisneyWorld meant that I could finally make my way to my beloved.  (Or at the very least, a kids view of what Paris must be like).  Then the weekend of my 21st birthday I found my dream of going to Paris finally fulfilled.  I honestly cried when I made my way out of the Metro for the first time to find the L’arc de Triumphe so graciously welcoming me to her city.  Studying in England allowed me to discover Europe, the joys of traveling and most importantly the incredible freedom I feel when traveling.  This is where it all began for me.  Thankfully for years following I often found myself vacationing in France.  From dating a head Chocolatier and touring France with he and his family to moving there on my own in my late 30’s- just two years ago, Ahem….

The other night I decided I needed my “fix.”  Time to get home, I felt.  So, just like that- trip purchased and excitement in my heart.  I’m going home!!  It’s not about going to see the “typical Parisian hotspots” it’s about just being.  There.  To walk those streets fills me beyond belief.  There are no words to explain the feeling I get in that beautiful place.  Much of the time I’ve spent in Paris have been just me, myself and I.  Perhaps that’s part of the reason I love it so much.  For I love to get up, grab a noisette and a baguette and hit the streets.  From its diverse landscape of cultures and people, to the most divine architecture and layout- Ohhhh Paris how I love thee.  I’m anxiously awaiting the morning smell of the boulangerie baking some of the most succulent treats to be found around the globe.  Walking through pristine gardens that offer hours of relaxing moments to yourself or to cherish the laughter of children and families playing by your side.  Not to mention Paris at night- truly magical.  Something about the soft lighting, tree lined streets accented by classic Haussmann buildings.  You know you’re experiencing some of the best of history under the soft light of this spectacular city…and often under the shining beam coming from the Eiffel Tower.  C’est magnifique!


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