It’s the little things…

It would appear as though I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  Sometimes LIFE just happens and you can get all caught up in it.  Although I’ve been writing, I’ve been keeping most of my writing to myself.  For it’s been a great lesson to understand the vulnerability and openness that comes with “sharing” through a blog.  (Something I’m still learning to gage my comfort level)  I’m thankful I’ve been busy experiencing life, though I love nothing more than to take a moment to write and reflect on the “little things in Life” worth noting.  Like today.  I was touring a client at Westfield Century City and arrived early so I walked the center to check in with some of the retailers.  As a man who, at first glance might appear to be not necessarily homeless, though not someone you’d more than likely to stop and chat with.  Nonetheless, I offered him a smile and he quickly responded:  And how are you today my sister?  “I am well, my friend”  I responded.  That was it.  You would have thought two friends were reunited at that very instant.  For he then went onto tell me how he appreciated my smile and for it he had a gift.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white rock.  He said that the gift was not from him, but from my grandparents.  (Believe me, I’m sure most might think…Time to go.  Walk away.  RUN!)  Though to me, this was a real gift indeed.  As I have grown up without grandparents as unfortunately they all passed away either before I was born or at a very young age.  And yet despite this disconnect to them, I feel so connected to my root of my family through them.  I relate so much to my mother’s mom who our family has forever joked that I am actually her reincarnated.  How’s that for a deep thought?!  So, needless to say, receiving a random white rock from a random encounter was pretty magical.  He then went onto say that just like the rock is strong and solid, that I am to remember that I, too am strong and that even when others try to break me to keep in mind my strength.  He said this was the lesson and gift from my grandparents.  I hugged this man and thanked him for such a kind gift. As he walked away, he told me that it is my smile that makes a difference in the world and offers a gift to others.  Words can’t describe the love in my heart as I walked along my path after a beautiful and random encounter with a complete stranger.  These small gifts are truly life’s most beautiful treasures.


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