Full Circle on a Saturday morning

I wake up early on this fine Saturday morning to go and enjoy a relaxing morning and catch up on writing.  For me, writing is a beautiful way to recap life’s experiences and moments that, although may seem small at the moment, are truly what makes life worth living.

I arrive at Coffee Bean and Tea leaf, my usual spot for a latte and letting go in expressing my thoughts.  Though todays visit also came with an added bonus: inspiration.  Upon ordering, I see two men working on getting connected to wifi.  One of these men is a homeless local that tends to hang around, very peaceful and in his element, often just taking time to relax inside.  The other gentleman is simply lending a hand in helping him out.  It always warms my heart to see when there is goodness to speak of, that people take the time to help one another, even if just to get on wifi.

Moments later as I’m awaiting my delightful vanilla latte, I notice a woman going up to the same homeless man.  She says:  “You’re the one who helped push my car yesterday, aren’t you?”  With great appreciation and love in her heart, she handed him a gift card and thanked him for his assistance.  You could tell she was beyond appreciative and yet a bit intimidated to show her thanks to this “Stranger.”  And the beautiful thing about it was that he was humbled in his space, as if helping her was not even a thought.  That it was his duty to help her.  A person in need and that’s what he did…Second nature, nothing to be thanked for.  Though it is truly in these moments that I am thankful to bear witness to the beauty and simplicity in these gentle gestures of humanKIND.  From witnessing this man go from being helped to helping another, all within moments.  This is truly what makes life so sweet.  And a sweet vanilla latte to further savor the moment….ahh, it’s going to be a good day.  Happy Saturday to you.  May you experience a moment of humanKIND today.  (and everyday for that matter!)


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