Let the Wind blow you….

Most of my life I have been a “planner.”  The ironies of it all, are that most of the joys of life come from the spontaneity of life, not through planning.  Though finally the winds of life blew me to Paris one year ago.  It wasn’t just a strong gale wind or anything that finally allowed…or shall I say, forced me to change up how I was living.  Though it was pretty close as it was one of the most powerful change ups of my life to date.

I had been through some major life changes, including my job which, although loving the company, the role itself had left me feeling unfulfilled.  Uninspired, lacking typical enthusiasm for the day to day made me realize something had to change.  I knew I wanted more for my life.  I needed a change…a surge of inspiration.  To LIVE and experience life for myself.  Not thinking about work, a relationship or what anyone thought or cared about how I went about my life.  Not to mention, I had come out of a very tumultuous marriage and I suppose was going through what maybe called a renaissance of my soul.

I had come to realize the many ways I went about, accepted and allowed life to HAPPEN TO ME.  I thought life is what you’re here to LIVE in, participate and engage in.  And at times, it feels that life is throwing you off track, though if you pay attention, it just so happens it’s not off course that you’re been thrown off, more like putting you exactly ON course, right where you belong.  Thankfully I had (finally) become tired of what I was allowing for my life.  I had given my self-fully to all that I am, for my entire life.  Even writing that now makes me overwhelmed just thinking about it.  The feeling of caring what others thought, working to “prove” myself to my job, my family and the like.  All while dismissing what I wanted and needed for my life.  To think about all the love, passion and energy I have poured into every job and relationship was enough to make me feel like a narcoleptic… and pass out on my keyboard right here and now!  And yet, its a struggle as I truly believe we are here to LIVE.  And with PASSION.  And to bring the very best of who we are to everything we do, touch, interact with.  This is my view of Life.

Though at times it can seem that giving passion and enthusiasm to life that you can end up feeling quite beat up at the end of the day.  So, I called my ‘soul sister’ to get it off my chest as I was simply drained.  After explaining that I can’t turn off my passion for what I do, as it isn’t how I’m programmed.  We went on to talk about random whatevers that we were getting into for our Saturday.  As we often talk in circles, tangents and a conversation that you think isn’t really going “Anywhere” in actually is going EVERYwhere.  As it often turns into some of the purest, most divine discoveries of some of life’s biggest treasures.  Soul seeking truths, all by talking about the random activities we do each day.  It’s as if life’s secrets and clues are being blown over to me, through the phone lines with my gal pal.  And it happens so organically that it I’m pretty sure it’s what you would call a sacred whisper.

I often wonder where the wind will take me and teach me along my path. Though I’m finding that it’s the day to day wonderment and paying attention to the magic that surrounds us that is the biggest gift of all.  To trust that if we surrender to life we can allow life to take it’s course and guide us on a beautiful journey.  So my friends, I encourage you to enjoy, embrace and let the wind blow you where it may.  I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see where life leads you trusting in life takes you to places you hadn’t even imagined.  Better than what you could have even wished for.  Trust and let life guide you.  Enjoy the ride.  xo


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