From LANCASTER to Paris with Lancaster Paris

I walked along Rue St Honore today to visit some of the most spectacular boutiques close to the Louvre, on my way to the Madeleine and I stumbled upon Lancaster, Paris!  How perfect is this brand for me, being I’m FROM Lancaster and now RESIDE in Paris?  I simply must have a bag from here!

Upon entering, it truly felt like a candy store for bag ladies like myself.  Every color you could imagine is offered here.  In lovely Italian Saffiano leather, these bags are truly exceptional and well priced, I might add.  This gorgeous green clutch (and messenger bag) as it comes with it’s very own matching leather strap was only 59 euro!  I’ve seen plenty of pleather bags that I wouldn’t pay anything for and are priced higher than this genuine leather beauty that will be with me for years to come!


It’s tough for a gal like myself when there are so many truly beautiful options.  Not only in colors, but in shapes, sizes- envelope versus basic clutch…you see the dilemma!  And that’s just for their more standard collection.  Then, they have crocodile stamped leathers, or the just as fabulous- python options which were fabulous as well.  What’s a girl to do?  Thankfully I had some assistance.

Fabien, their very knowledgable associate, assisted me in not only further educating me on the brand, but also helping me choose the right option for me.  As it turns out, Lancaster Paris has been around for 25 years, offering lovely leathers mostly in France.  Good news for fellow Americans like myself, they have just opened showrooms in NY and LA so there’s hope that soon we, too, will have the opportunity to score some of these beautiful bags stateside soon!



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