My love for SANDRO…

Working in the world of retail for as long as I have, I’ve been fortunate enough to be familiar with many global brands, even as they are just starting to open up shop in the United States.  For me, I have, luckily, been familiar with Sandro for many years.  Though now, having lived in Paris for the last few months, I’ve been able to further solidify my true appreciate for the incredible fashion.  From the boutiques found all around Paris to my beloved STOCK store in Le Marais!  This is where you will find this gem, the Sandro Stock boutique.


I have to say shopping at the STOCK store was way more than simply scoring a great bargain.  Above and beyond the deals,  I’ve truly come to appreciate the incredibly friendly and genuine staff that works there.  From the first visit, to the weekly check-in’s, they have absolutely made me fall further in love with the brand.

They helped me to navigate my way through the Marais, in finding great restaurants, bars and the nightlife…above and beyond always finding the best in their store.   One of their best days in looking out for me, they helped me score the most luxurious leather pants for 40 Euro.  Yep, you read correctly.  Insanely rich leather pants for 40 euro.  Down from 550!  Talk about a deal!!  They also helped me slip into orange zip up denim that are outrageously perfect- especially here in Paris…and are now one of my favorite souvenirs from this city!  Or the fact that I’ve also purchased my favorite green scarf for a mere 25 euro.  This place is a deal-lovers paradise!  If they had a cot in the back, I probably would have moved in by now!

And in the world of retail, this is certainly saying a lot.  As often times you will go into a boutique, having to “fend for yourself” or for being told “everything looks good” simply for the sake of the sale.  NOT HERE.  These associates are truly sincere and more importantly, are actually such a pleasure to shop with.  I’ve even linked up with a few through social media, as I simply don’t want to say goodbye.  They have made not only my experience in shopping with them, but my overall experience in Paris so lovely- from their local helpful hints, to finding an entirely new (and might I add fabulous) wardrobe for this, soon-to-be American back in America.

So to:  Sousous, Michael, Nino, Thomas and the several others who made my visits to Sandro a welcoming experience, I thank you very kindly for adding to my Parisian experience.  You’ve made my shopping here such a joy….although I must say you’ve also made my suitcase quite full!   I’m honored to drag all the phenomenal finds you’ve assisted me with along the way home.  Looking forward to seeing…and shopping with you again, my lovely SANDRO friends.  xoxox



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