Custom “Made in Italy”

As an American who has worked in the world of retail and fashion for most of my career, it was top on my list to explore, discover and purchase all the incredible “couture” I could find during my 3 months living abroad. My first week alone, I can recall walking…or rather, sprinting on a serious mission to find my new fashion mecca for something unique and oh so french.  Sadly, I was rather disappointed to find most of the boutiques were of the brands I’m already well versed in.  Not that I was disappointed to find the original Goyard, or strolling along streets that housed Dior, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and the like.  Though I was hoping to find my very own treasure trove.

After weeks in Paris doing my own “research” and coming up empty handed.  Ok, that’s not entirely true, as I was still scoring some incredible fashion-obviously.  I was not finding the Made In France finds I had hoped for.

So, before heading to the U.S., I went to Italy now completely determined to find something custom and rare throughout my tour-de-Italia!  Off to Florence, I went.  I mean, this is after all, the home to some of the top world renown brands that put Italian fashion on the map!  Although I did manage to find a few boutiques that offered Made In Italy labels, it wasn’t what I had dreamed up on my hunt. In addition to the fashion houses that call Florence home, you can also find the Gucci Museum as well as the Salvatore Ferragamo museum, which I personally LOVED.  It housed years of collections from the most glorious, gorgeous shoes a girl could dream of!  Needless to say, I was able to get my dose of fashion while in Florence, even if I didn’t find a new collection of “collectables” along the way.  Thankfully, however, I made up for my minimal shopping by consuming as much glorious pasta and vino I could get my hands on.  So much for shopping, time for a new Italian indulgence!

We travel to experience something new.  To experience new culture.  To enjoy a new viewpoint in life.  To FIND ITALIAN CLOTHING.  Luckily, I experienced new culture, appreciated the historic beauty and essence of Italy, though I came up empty handed in regards to discovering some new Haute Couture.  For me, it’s about exploring and discovering not only the local flavor and certainly the fashion.  Guess that means I’ll just simply have to be back again soon to Do it Again!  Ciao for now Couture…


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