A day of Iconic history and fashion…then again, it IS Paris.

Yesterday, I had an overload of stunning handbags, as I went to the original Goyard boutique on Rue St. Honore, as well as a visit to Rue Cambon, to the original and mind blowing Chanel store (which just also happens to be where Coco herself resided, and now also houses Karl Lagerfeld’s office on the 3rd floor)  Talk about feeling the love for Chanel!

I decided after living in Paris for close to 3 months, it was time to indulge.  And indulge I did.  My original intent was to finally purchase the signature Goyard tote as a sweet souvenir to return home with.  However, I instead treated myself to a little something at Chanel and topped it off with a little champs in-store, to officially celebrate this fine day.  There’s something truly special to the service offered in these boutiques.  No wonder people come back for more, as you’re truly queen for the day.  Or at the very least, while splurging!

Spending time at the original Chanel store offers more than beautiful couture, it offers a rich history into one of the most prestigious brands in the world.  Knowing Coco spent time here, diligently deliberating over every detail to ensure the highest quality and fashion is enough to inspire any fashionista.  Every detail in ensuring the most welcoming visit to the store, even includes fitting rooms that just may happen to be larger than your petite hotel room!  Along with a gorgeous Chanel robe to sport, in between fittings, of course.  Hands down, the entire experience is simply, Tres chic!

After having the chance to spend an afternoon with some of the best brands in Paris and certainly some of the best shopping offered on Rue St. Honore, it was time to give thanks for enjoying some incredible materialistic finds by spending some time at the historic La Madeleine.  La Madeleine is a historic Catholic church located nearby in the 8th arrondissement.  Luckily, I stumbled in just as service was starting.  Being there to hear the prayers and hymns in french was a unique and powerful experience in itself.  No better way to finish the day, than to be able to indulge in some of the best of Paris, through Couture,  then wrapping up the day by experiencing one of the most historic monuments in Parisian history.  An iconic day all in all.  Bon soir, my sweet Pareeeee!




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