Parisian’s simple, stylish and practical sophistication

Parisian style is sophisticated and yet has an edge and style that is all their own.  Though what else would you expect, coming from the Fashion Capital of the world?!

And yet somehow I didn’t believe this would be the case I mean this IS Paris!  Perhaps I’ve idealized Paris to be the fashion icon I’ve always dreamt it to be. Women in Chanel…on the daily. Toting about  their Goyard and Louis Vuitton tout le jours. Or strolling along the cobblestone in their YSL Tribute platforms.  Let’s just say style in Paris, was a bit off from what I envisioned.  Although there is a casual elegance and simple sophistication, that truly is desirable and unique.
Though in all honesty, it makes perfect sense.  As every day, you’re up and down the stairs of the Metro, walking along uneven and narrow sidewalks that make it rather complicated to wear your stilettos.  And this is coming from a girl who practically ran for close to a decade, up and down the corridors of malls throughout Southern California, in my 5 inch heels.
I’ve since traded in my heels for many pairs of ballet flats and believe it or not- Tennis Shoes!  This may come as quite a surprise to those who know me well, even to myself.  As I’m still trying to figure out how these French women make their simple “sneakers” (As we call them on the east coast) look so chic with a dress or most ensembles.
Though, fret not, despite having a shoe collection at home that is often resembling that of Imelda Marcos, I now have a new Parisian collection of shoes that are allowing me to embrace my new sense of simple and a bit edgy sophistication.  Another souvenir from my new life in Paris.  Luckily, I’ve still managed to find a few pair of heels, as I can’t shed myself of all my old styling, thanks to these lovely black and tan shoes from Maje that I recently found.  Although I’m still thankful to Pareeeee for the profound influence on my newly embraced style of simple sophistication.



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