I’ve worked in the “World of Retail” for most of my career- starting in my teens, working on the floor of Ann Taylor outlet and moving up the chain for many years, to becoming Director of Marketing and Business Development for one of the most profitable shopping centers in the United States.  So, I’ve seen it all for decades…and understand costs, value and the like, for domestic and global brands alike.  Therefore, I KNOW how to shop…and since I do it so frequently, it’s imperative I know how to score a good deal.  Especially now, as I’m living in Paris for a few months and need to maximize my Dollar…or Euro- Ahhh, currency talk!

When I arrived in Paris during the summer months, many of the retailers were closing out their summer collection and there were deals to be found.  However, I knew there were even better finds to be had, pending I did my research.  I quickly learned about Stock stores, which are what we call Outlets in the States.  Outlet stores, which offer highly discounted items from previous seasons and/or remaining items from collections, are a great way to get your hands on some of your favorite brands, at a fraction of the price.

Besides, we’re not talking about your average brand outlets, we’re talking Sandro, Maje, Caroll and Zadig & Voltaire!  Phenomenal brands….and hey, I AM IN PARIS!  Luckily, I just so happen to live down the street from the Maje and Caroll stock stores.  So, now when it comes to the weekend and I NEED something to wear, I just pop down to this fabulous boutique for a gorgeous, and might I add, less expensive attire for the evening!

I am thrilled to have these incredible boutiques so easily within my grasp and even more happy to find spectacular bargains, as well.  After all, these brands are more expensive in the US, so to get a markdown on these highly stylish and ever fabulous clothes, I am one happy girl.  Anyone needing a “little something” from Paris, just let me know, as I’d be honored to “be on the job”  in seeking out fantastic finds, while living in the Fashion Capital of the world!  As a matter of fact, I’m headed over to have a visit with Zadig & Voltaire and Sandro today in the picturesque arrondissement of  Le Marais! Who knows what incredible fashion awaits me…We shall see!   So for now, this shopper is over and out!



3 thoughts on “All STOCKED up!”

  1. Bon Jour from your favorite skin care specialist!
    Enjoying your blog, more entries and pictures please…if you are serious about shopping for Americans then I would like to be put on your list and give you my requests.😎👠👛👗👒👙💎👚👘👢💄🌂😀

    1. Thank you for your comment, Susan! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog. I’ll work on more photo’s and writing. Apparently I’ve been too busy taking in all of this incredible city to actually sit and write. As for shopping for you-Absolutely! I’d be happy to!! 🙂

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